Plane Photography

Yes. Am back. As I have said before the exams, I already took some pictures of an international airliner landing in the runaway. With me focusing on it, and with the struggle to keep the camera stable due to the vehicle movement as well as the plane’s speed in descending, it is a 40-60 chance of getting the right option to shot a clear, detailed, and balanced picture. 

Been doing this for 3 years, at least. And I still have difficulties in capturing the perfect shot of an airplane.

Ethiopian Airlines on landing. Note the motion blur.
Another view before the Ethiopian Airlines landed on the runway.

These type of views are just magnificent for me. It may not be perfect, but every piece of photograph that shows the details of the main subject very well without blurring some parts of it gives me the feeling of satisfaction. 

I may not be a photographer, but at least I know how to make a decent shot.

Just remember in photography,

“Always remember the golden rule.”


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