Happy Birthday to me. Yes. This day is my 17th birthday.

Do I seem begging for attention for people to greet me “Happy Birthday!!”? No, and I won’t. That is not necessary.
You know, one thing I like when having a birthday is that it is the only time people will remember you. It is the only time for them to say that they care.

But that is not the point anyway. What if they forgot? What if they are too busy right?

That’s why it has never been my mindset. I’ve been different, since now. Or maybe a few years ago.

When I was a child, I am a child. I never let go of it. But then sooner, I then realized it is much better to be an adult. Yes, what is it to be an adult? Limitless!

But when I grew up, right up to this point, I then realized too late that, being a child could be the most happiest part. That the adulthood could offer limitless, but only being a child can you ever experience limitless.

I’ve been too proud to say that I am mature enough, just like what an adult would be. But little did I noticed, that my childhood days have been long gone.

And now, unlike the kids hoping for them to have toys, and the adults hoping for something materialistic or something abstract, this year, on my birthday, I only hoped and want for me to be happy, and for others to be happy.

Because that’s what it is right? Be happy. And others to be happy as well.

Me? I am happy. And I want everyone to be, though I know it is just not possible for everyone to be. Welcome to the reality.

17 years old today. Next year, I would be 18. Legal, and considered as adult, or young adult to say.

So to the kids, or teenagers there, who wants to be mature at their early age, just think of it. Are you ready to leave your childhood days back and start thinking like a mature person? Yes it would be great if you will use that maturity to think in advanced, to accept the reality at an early age. Just don’t get too cocky though, sooner or later you might find yourself becoming ignorant for the way you are by mixing your childhood days and your so called maturity. Once you are ready to be mature, think of the 3 Rs. No, not the Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle, but I mean  Respect, Reaction, and Responsibility. These is actually a guide to maturity. Well, I’ll discuss it later.

Well, Happy Birthday to me.

And also, shoutout to my girlfriend, the author of [REDACTED],  thank you for making me happy. Thank you for being with me this day. I really appreciated it. I love you as always, and it will never change.  Thank you for being with me and accepting me. You never knew how happy I am, to be with you on this day. Thank you so much and I love you!


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