It Is Almost Vacation

Hi sir Edward. Thank you nga pala sa pag panel sa defense namin kanina. It is actually a great challenge for me to keep on constructing English sentences in just a fraction of second just to answer your questions, especially that technical data is hard to explain if you are not using your native language and are relying on your concepts.

Me defending our concept. Credits to KV, my gfriend, for this photo.

This marks the end of the preparation we have done for almost 3 months. End up well, and on behalf of our team, I would like to thank the panelists, Mr. Edward Villamonte and Ms. Joy Samson, for giving the time to listen in our presentation. And yes, to Mr. Amelil Lumenda, for making this thesis defense possible.

With the two thesis defense, I would mark this thesis defense, the one in the feasibility studies, as the hardest to defend. Ended up well, though, but as I have said, a real challenge for me.

For me, yes. Because I am the one who conceptualized the study. A challenge, yes, for we have to speak in English for defending our concept. Real, yes, because it is with all honesty, a cover to cover research and collecting of technical data that made me stressed for some months. Though I missed some important parts to be included in the technical data to build up our strong conclusion as well, I’m glad that despite of the countless grammatical errors that I made due to the hesitation of the presentation to be finished, it is done.

Next stop,


but first…
Research paper.

My group. Credits to my friend for this photo.

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