Blogs Before Dawn-Ep 02. A Part of Being Apart

Hey there internet, don’t mind me again, I’m just back to spew some nonsense before the break of dawn.

So, when I posted the first episode of this blog-series I did got some views, definitely from the tags that I put, and that’s where I learned how SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works (to some extent). And when I did review that post when the morning came, boy oh boy, I realized I really shouldn’t be blogging in the middle of the night when all I have was just a jolt of motivation to write something that I don’t have any straightforward point to push with. But son, buckle up because we are going on to another blog post I definitely would regret when the morning comes but would smash that publish button in the belief that every content I write however nonsense it may be will help me become a better content creator.

Hey, you forgot about lovelife!”

Says me, and maybe someone else who gives a damn about my posts, and maybe someone else who is out of the loop for years now.

And chances are, you are right. Took 3 years of silence, spouting all these technical stuff I was tasked to do at my at-that-time college (ooooh, teaser for next episode?), and I kinda forgot what that feels like. Sure, you got dem friends who is openly posting stories of dem lovelife at Messenger 24/7, and some even post bout their drama, and I got it. It’s a memory, right? Something to be proud of when you have it, something to vent off when things aren’t right.

And, there’s a reason for that feeling. If you have something that you have, and then the other day it isn’t yours anymore simply because you all agreed to, is there a reason for you to shout it out loud anymore?

Yeah, this is basically a TL;DR version, and I like it better. because…

“In my head, I play a supercut of us”

-Supercut by lorde, melodrama(2017)

I honestly can write the whole lyrics of Supercut because it fits in. Acceptance is the term to be used in this oversimplified blog post I am typing in.

I’m not the type of person who likes drama or starts one, and this is not the type of posts that is an irony to its main goal itself. I just think that it is fitting to write one that marks the end for the one that were once the topic of my blog posts. Sure, I can simply delete them, or edit them (and I prolly pulled a sneaky if y’all day one followers might not noticed), but the denial itself for the existence of that memory is just not cool, especially in the process both of you enjoyed each other’s company until the end. Sometimes, things just don’t work out as you may have hoped, and sometimes, letting go is the only best option rather than fight for something that you know might work but isn’t as it used to be.

All the love we had and lost…

-Supercut by lorde, melodrama(2017)

But a part of being apart is maybe the reason why some things fall apart, the part where you all distanced yourself and has been introduced to the real world you are now going to face. That may be shallow, but some things are not easy to understand when circumstances are not exactly compared to what you are expecting what would happen. It’s like being successful one day and you are on the top of your own world until you or something or someone else bursts your bubble, removed your rose colored glasses, and introduced you to the real life you are now facing. Adulting sucks, but there is nothing else you can do other than accept that it do be like that sometimes. And, like any other day that passed, there is still tomorrow to face to.

When we only got close thru chat is definitely one of the things I really am proud of myself because I have no social skills whatsoev… wait, I think I had though, it just, got lost in time. It is one of the things you might lost when you reach the legal age that can only be recovered by either peer pressure and alcohol, I think. Our dates every Saturday, the food you gave me at lunch, our inseparable bond at school or even outside, and me staying after school hours until the school service comes just to be with you. Ah, and when you made it official when I asked you to be my girlfriend a day after New Year, heh, those are the things that reminiscing it now makes me smile.

But it’s just a supercut of us…

… Supercut of us.

-Supercut by lorde, melodrama(2017)

Oh, it’s just a supercut of us (still part of the lyrics, by the way). It is now only a part of me I reminisce after we became apart.

Would I give love another chance? I can’t say for now, maybe because I don’t really want to rush things, maybe that I think now it is really something not to look forward to given in the current situation I have (another teaser?), but definitely, not the first thing to look to now.

So, does that mean that I forgot about lovelife?

Then, YES, I DID, and for the only fact that it’s been 2 years after that. 2 years I think? Yeah, I guess. And in the 2 years a lot just happened that I can’t just include them on one blog post. But to encapsulate it, we are in good terms, find our own things to focus to, and moved on.

A love story might end, and it may be bittersweet, but memories lasts. I’m just happy we ended in good terms, because I know to myself that…

…In my head, I do everything right…

-Supercut by lorde, melodrama(2017)

…. though I know not all things are right, I tried. But then again, this is…

…just a supercut of us.


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