Blogs Before Dawn – Ep 01. Moving On?

Hey there internet. Don’t mind me, I’m just writing these blog posts pretty early in the morning, and I don’t even know why on Earth I’m doing this, I mean, I don’t even have active subscribers nor I do have the audacity to gain traction thru social media, but here it goes.

So, this might be a sequel to my post before, you know, Moving on? Yea.

Mate, you know how easy it is to fall asleep when the night is young and wake up in the middle of the night feeling refreshed and ready for the next day, but have no idea how to spend your time deep into the night other than watching educational videos on YouTube and then just waste your time scrolling for memes? Then not understand whether you want to sleep in the afternoon or at night again, thus wasting your time Every. Single. Day? Is it just me? What, y’all got your Circadian Rhythm set to sleep in the morning then? Or even better, some of y’all have already got them set to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, like the normal person y’all are? Ah, good for you. And I’m here stuck at 4am (by the time I’m writing this, and definitely posting this at a later time just so y’all know) sitting in front of my laptop, because I woke up at 11pm and I can’t make myself sleep. So, I decided to do something productive and push myself to get my heart into writing this blog, as one part of me yearns to practice writing again after being stuck in a writer’s block for creating some stories that will be turned by me into a screenplay sooner or later (I’m serious u guys I have them, just wait for next posts).

Anyway, so why is this the sequel for Moving on? First off, I like to update y’all from the past posts that I had.

Starting with the subtle but obvious if you have a keen eye (or if you even care), I updated the site name, you might not notice but before, this is called “Just Another Student from RGMS” and now because I said I graduated already (like, 2 years ago), I changed it to “Just Another Alumni from RGMS”.

Wow, you must be proud of your Alma Mater then.” I mean, of course, through my ups and downs, that place is where I came from. That’s it. And, I really suck at naming things. But also, I think it is also a homage to why this blog site is existing, shout out to sir Edward, I know you deactivated your WordPress account but I hope someday you’ll read this somewhere. Other than that, I really suck at naming things and would prefer to stick to what I have already than to change it more often, I mean, it’s like a brand you know, if it ain’t broke why replace it?

Next, Remember this post about having to buy me a drawing tablet? Well, I do have one now! That is solely the reason why I am going to be active on my other blog site Comicssioner G.

“You still have no posts on that with your so called art”, just, freaking wait, ok? And I’m saying this not to hype y’all, my drawing skill sucks to the point that any art that I made can be considered as a low tier meme. Why do I pursue it though? I don’t know, maybe a portfolio of stuff that I can do, or to find and fulfill a niche market for low tier arts with a wholesome people who can appreciate it (hope that it exists), but hey, art is art, who knows?

Oh, and another one, do I cringe in the blog posts I made in the past? Absolutely. Will I delete them? Heh. Bold of y’all to assume I have a lot of traffic going on in this site (sidenote: I have a decent views for unknown reasons but, for this year, traffic is zero so yep) that would actually care (seriously, most of my followers were my block mates back then and they seem to forgot WordPress even exists so…) so I won’t, even if it brings happier memories than now (those 2 years were the best in my honest opinion, not gonna lie), and that shows my character development, in a way that I cringe every single time I would go in my posts to see what can I talk about or find something I did posted and ask myself why did I did this.

Anyway, self depreciating aside, y’all are better people, you can do what you can, don’t hold back just because you find yourself cringing about your past posts, actions and contents. It means you all have evolved into something better now, and that’s what matters, doing what you want in the present so you learn more what needs to be changed in the future because today, just like anything else, will become a memory of a past you will think of.

And that is why it is called moving on.

Anyway, I made up my mind, I’m starting this Blogs Before Dawn as a Blog series here in this blogsite. I’m thinking of posting regular now, hoping in the distant future the algorithm will be pleased and these posts would gain traction, but until then, I’ll keep posting to train my writing skills. Stay tuned in this site for more, I’m definitely posting these regularly, and until then…

See you soon.

Hey, you forgot about lovelife!”


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