Moving On

Hey there.

So, its been 3 years after I first created this blog as an assignment for my ICT Subject, and a lot has changed.

But first of all, I want to say to those who still remember me:

Hi! Hope ya’ll are doing great now.

That’s all.

When I say a lot has changed, I really mean it. First of all, I graduated from RGMS, so I should be “just another alumni from RGMS” now.

Second, I’ve also made some blog sites a few years back when I still have a lot of time in the internet, when I thought I know it all. Looking back, I really hoped those things would last, but in a blink of an eye, everything changed and those precious moments we used to enjoy are just distant memories by now.

But, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be filling them up. In fact, I am going to use them more by now.

Moving on doesn’t just mean looking forward to the future, but also learning from past, be it a mistake or a lesson that will make you a better person.

But does that mean I am a better person?

Nope, but memories really builds up who you are right now, and moving on from the past means that you develop yourself from who you have been.

It’s been 2 years since I lost my creativity, I think. For the past 2 years I was running to make myself adapt to a community I forced myself into just cause I need to. But that takes a toll on you when everything doesn’t fell into order and you are not enjoying it. For the record, this is the first time I let myself loose again and go on to write something else I don’t know if it would ever make sense or even make a difference, but for the first time after a few years, I felt like I am going on a right track by now, like something in me just went on to become who I was back then, just with more experience now.

That’s the point of moving on, looking back to learn while looking forward to the future. But what is the future? The future is always an uncertainty, and we only have goals and dreams to look at.

So right now, as I am writing this, my only goal is to earn while at home, by using whatever knowledge and skills that I have. That’s a very shallow goal, right? You are correct, but, I didn’t said that it is my only goal, I only said that it is my only goal right now.

The thing is, that is a realistic goal. You can’t just say that your goal is to be an artist, an accountant, or whatever you want to be, because sooner or later when some things change that isn’t to your liking, there is a tendency for you to change your goal. We humans are unpredictable, but it is also the reason why we survive: we know to adapt. However, when you set a realistic goal, you can get yourself to change it once you reach it sooner or later, and setting a realistic goal to have that is a more attainable in your distant future means that you can adjust more to what you can do next: creating your next goal.

I know some of you that know me may think that I am not like this before, and you are correct. There’s a time when we used to be in the top of our self-made world, but once reality hits you and you are no longer considered a minor nor a teenager, you will realize that you are a part of this world, not just yours. I guess it is pretty much safe to say that we already enjoyed that part of our life where we care less about anything else and now we start to live on to make ourselves useful and start our day to day survival along with the others.

I already cut off my social media usage, I still have them, but I don’t have that much access to them now. However, ya’ll still can contact me in Messenger and Twitter, but to contact me and expect a reply, I’m going old school: email. just send me an email to

I will be also starting a Youtube channel soon, actually it already exists, but it isn’t blowing up yet, but you’ll know it soon.

Anyway, stay tuned for my other blog Comicssioner G where I’ll be posting art stuffs and the like, and I’ll be posting another one for follow up for my new blog sites.

Time to move on now from the hiatus, and see ya’ll soon.


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