Vacation Mode Off

Soo….. After the 2 months vacation (that it seems like yesterday), we are going to go back to school again. Yaay. More like ‘naay’ to some, but trust me, if you are in the first batch of senior high in the Philippines, you might as well enjoy the fact that there are classes in vacation, in hope for you to graduate immediately (or is it just me being introvert and tired of going to school and being called high school despite that some people at our age about 3 years ago were already in college?)

Well, Vacation Mode Off now. Got some work to do, or studying?

Now, this school year, I’m going to do something. So recently, oh wait-

I forgot to post this vacation about me working on some gathering information, or rather, “inspiration”, in some various places about art. Yes. Art.

I have a decent computer setup (really bro, its like, a more DECENT GAMING PC SETUP EH? 58K for the whole rig with high end graphics card and-), yeah, decent. Have some applications to start off, and the only thing I don’t have yet is the hardware. Yes.

What am I going to do? Probably web comics? Maybe. Just related to art. Or photography. Anything within it.

Few steps away from it. I need to buy a drawing tablet.

So, for now, back to the school days.


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